Manchester gear up to ring in the Kurdish New Year with unparalleled fervour and joy! United in spirit and celebration, we are thrilled to announce an exquisite New Year’s Eve party hosted in your cities to mark the commencement of a prosperous year ahead.

Featuring 5 Stellar Kurdish Singers
Indulge in an evening of enchanting music and vibrant dances as we bring you an illustrious line-up of five renowned Kurdish singers! Their melodies, steeped in rich traditions, will reverberate through the night, ensuring your New Year's Eve is memorably melodious.

Highlights of the Night:
- Kurdish Dance Performances
- Drink & Dinner
- Party Favours & Surprises

Prepare for a night where traditions meet festivity, only with Roj Production! Grab your tickets now or contact for reserving your seats:

- General Admission: £50 (includes entry, dinner and drink)
- General Admission (Kids under 10y-o): £25 (includes entry, dinner and drink)

Note: This event adheres to all local COVID-19 guidelines to ensure a safe celebration for all. No age limit is imposed, so families can revel together in the joyous occasion!

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